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Place:  The area closer location, e.g. mailing address in a city or village, or GPS coordinates in the countryside.
 Here it is possible, to insert the geometry string from MapInfo.

Use of the area

Specific uses:
Description:  In the case of a new area allocation can aim for the area described in detail here.
- If the application is an amendment to change the nature described here. It is in this case important to know if it´s about "change", "assumption" or " termination " of an area allocation.

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Total number of units:  Total number of units.

Consideration of case

These fields are reserved for the municipality / administrative advisor

Application status:
A-no.:  If area number is assigned manually, municipal and site number must be inserted, the area code must consist of 5 digits for example, area number 1384 in the city of Nuuk in Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq must be written as 956-0600-01384.
Local file no.:  NIN does not require a file number, but it can be deployed for internal use.
Approved by municipal administrator:
Consultation period:  Date consultation period expires.
Decision date:  Decision date is the date when the Municipality / authority approves the application.
Applies from date:  The approved application is valid from this date.
Deadline:  Expiration date for temporary land use.
Developing cooperative: kr Developing cooperative, e.g. 10000,00 (do not use thousands separator representation).
The area must be mark out in concert with the municipality:
Requires permission from other authority:
Particularly condition:
 Specific conditions for area allocation.
Max. 800 characters.
Texts larger than 800 characters that should be attached in a separate document.

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Administrative comments:
 Here it is possible to write comments on the case.
Max. 500 characters.
Texts larger than 500 characters that should be attached in a separate document.

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Officer in charge:  Officer in charge